Trust In The Lord and Lean Not To Your Own Understanding


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverb 3:5-6

Trust in The Lord and lean not to your own understanding.

The thing that people don’t realize is that trust isn’t something you just automatically have for someone, its something that is established over time. Just think of someone you trust in your life, I’m absolutely sure it’s not someone you just met. Trust comes by knowing a person the better you know them, the more confident you are on how they will handle a situation.

For example, if you know this person and they lie all the time about a situation you might not like it, and chances are when they tell you something you are certain they are not telling you the truth. And you will continue to feel that way about that person until they change. I don’t mean just for one day but over a period of time.

See, you must relearn them in a sense. It’s hard to trust and know people because people are inconsistent. Always changing. Always letting us down. After a while, we forget about just knowing people individually and start to believe we know all people in general. See that is what is so great about getting to know Our Father; He is never changing. He will always be as He always was. We don’t have to learn and relearn as the world sometimes suggests that we do, we just get to know Him over time in reading and/or hearing His word. We learn Him in our lives. It is not something that just appeared over time, it takes an effort to know Him. As you get to know Him you will grow in trust for Him; that trust is enough to get you through any situation that you might find yourself in. So trust in The Lord Your God.


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